Lifting Equipment

Our tailored lifting solutions ensure that lifting operations are safe and successful. TWD specializes in designing both dedicated and adaptable lifting frames.

With expertise in multiple spreader beam and frame designs, we integrate our approach to ensure the frame matches the project’s requirements by considering the interaction between the frame and the cargo.

Adaptable Lifting Frames

Our lifting frames are versatile, capable of meeting a range of needs including dual or single lifts, various weights, and configurations. Additionally, we offer a calculator to verify strength and lifting configurations for unforeseen situations, ensuring smooth logistics changes. Regardless of your lifting challenges, whether simple or sophisticated, our project-specific engineering approach delivers the solution that optimizes usability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to you. 

Lightweight and Fast Delivery 

With specialized heavy lift experts in our team, we can provide you with tailored lightweight designs that adhere to the highest safety standards. Our flexible approach facilitates the delivery of detailed designs within just a few weeks. Beyond structural design, we offer comprehensive support, including fabrication follow-up and guidance on integrating electronics, hydraulics, cameras, and lighting into your project tool. 

Heavy Lift Seminar

Unlock the expertise of our Transport and Heavy Lift specialists through a seminar customized to your organization’s requirements. Beyond engineering proficiency, TWD offers in-depth knowledge into heavy lifting. Our seminars cover a range of topics, including common practices, key considerations, industry standards and codes, tailored for companies seeking to enhance understanding in this field. 

Spreader Beam Design App

Looking for a new heavy lift spreader beam for your upcoming project? Our online spreader beam application allows you to design it quickly and at no cost. Suited for lifts ranging from 100 to 1000 tones, the application generates a custom spreader design and based on your lift specific inputs and verifies lift stability. You will receive an overview of component dimensions and weight, along with a list of required slings and shackles for your new project. 

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TWD is an international engineering firm with our roots in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2007, we have built a vast track record in method engineering and designing future-proof lifting tools for the heavy lift and transport market. Access our Track Record and explore how our multidisciplinary teams helped companies like Jumbo, DHL, NewWaves, and AVAX succeed in their projects. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more or talk about your challenges. 

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