Drive & Control Engineering

TWD has established solid expertise in Drive and Control (D&C) to optimize the effectiveness of your mechanical design and project operational sequence. We can advise you on the technical and functional specifications that are crucial to smart mechanical designs.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary in-house talents, we can combine Drive and Control with mechanical, structural, marine, and dynamics expertise to oversee all critical interfaces across your project. Because we consider the specifications of your Drive and Control systems at an early project stage, you can save precious time for long-lead project items. Some of the common Drive and Control areas we specialize in include hydraulic motors and cylinders and their power requirements, sensors, redundancy, and automation.

Our Expertise

Operation Synergy

Built on the strength of TWD’s prominent presence in the offshore industry, our Drive and Control engineers work closely together with our in-house marine and mechanical experts. Together, we gain a thorough understanding of the marine environment in your project. We then incorporate this in our mechanical designs to deliver ingenious solutions. On top of this, our Drive and Control services can also stretch across the span of your project and contribute to methodology construction, fabrication assistance, and even on-site assistance. As a result, we bring you safe project execution with no waiting time and last-minute surprises.

Motion Compensated Systems

To increase the safety and workability of your offshore projects, we have come up with various pioneering designs of motion-compensated systems. Gaining motion compensation expertise from our close collaboration with Barge Master, we have been able to revolutionize marine operations. Some of the perfect examples of our integrated solutions include the T-700 multi-purpose platform, the motion-compensated pile gripper, crane pedestal, and gangway. With the help of these ingenious and reliable engineering solutions, we assure you a safe, efficient, and quick offshore project operation.

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