At TWD, we provide method engineering and equipment design services supported by our in-house multidisciplinary teams. This combination allows us to develop the most suitable construction solutions for your projects.

Efficient solutions do not have to be complex. Throughout the years, we have proven that lean and simple engineering solutions can be the best means to make your construction project easier. We work closely with your project teams and help you achieve operational synergy. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams assure all your needed mission equipment is designed with a carefully thought construction method. Through our integrated services, we bring key engineering disciplines together to secure the highest quality for your engineering designs.


Through early project mapping, we determine and evaluate the best construction methodology that reduces the potential construction risks.

Structural & Mechanical Design

From concept to detail, we create fit-for-purpose structural and mechanical designs for your mission equipment or temporary works. 



We are specialized in marine engineering and dynamic analysis. By using our in-depth expertise, we can tackle challenges for your offshore and near-shore operations.


Drive & Control

From concept to commissioning, we integrate drive and control systems into our ingenious designs.


Based on the environment of your construction project, different solutions are necessary. We analyze soil conditions and assess soil-structure interaction to make the safest designs.

Project & Fabrication Management

Through our large network of suppliers, we can help you choose the most suitable fabricator. This way, we assure high quality and short lead time during your fabrication process.

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Our software engineers create first-rate apps and automation solutions. Uncover your project’s automation potential, from optimized designs, to increased vessel workability.

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Measurements &

With expertise in transport and installation, our custom tests help you increase safety and workability, mitigate design uncertainties and make the right procurement decisions.

Service Roadmap

System Integration

We do not only design your equipment but make sure the entire operation runs smoothly. Our multidisciplinary teams serve as an extension to your operational team and take care of all project aspects that are either directly within or related to our scope. By addressing all the relevant interfaces at an early stage of the project, we effectively prevent costly repairs. Explore our specialized sectors and find out how we can help your next project.

Simple, Functional
and Efficient Design

Engineering designs should be functional and lean. Our creative and leading-edge ideas help us to maximize your business value by eliminating unnecessary designs and assets. As a result, we deliver you cost-effective solutions that are simple to operate. We have shared the joy of simplicity with many partners through our services and are looking forward to sharing it with many more.

Example Projects

Foundation Installation Equipment – Sandbank

Cable Laying Equipment – Stemat Spirit

Motion Compensated Knuckleboom Crane – Kroonborg & Kasteelborg

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