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At TWD, we not only excel in engineering and design, but also have a best-in-class software development team. Combining our coding capabilities with an engineering background gives us a unique standpoint when it comes to pinpointing and addressing some of the many inefficiencies in the maritime industry.

What began as an internal optimisation effort has developed into a multi-tier software and automation service. We provide tailored tools straight to the client. Think of Engineering apps to quickly perform strength verifications, check clashes, and generate reports, ready to go straight to the warranty surveyor. Or Design apps to develop mooring plans and brainstorm deck layouts. We’ve even started offering our Python based engineering platform to others, helping to accelerate development throughout the industry.

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Automation at TWD

Our software journey started in 2015. That was the moment we decided to move on from spreadsheets and adopt Python as our go-to language. This allowed us to perform heavier and more complex calculations. It also opened the door to a plethora of new possibilities, like building a user interface in the browser, automating tasks, connecting third party software and database APIs, and combining output-input variables of separate calculations. Gone are the days spent manually copy and pasting: updates today require only a click of a button.

We then focused on our 3D modelling and technical drawings, automating repetitive Inventor and AutoCAD tasks. By drawing simple lines, we can generate full access models, bringing a week’s worth of work down to a couple of hours. More recently we invested in Autodesk Platform Services (APS), which allows AutoCAD-like software to be easily accessible in the browser – as seen in our Deck Layout Tool.

We’re always looking out for optimisation and automation opportunities within our way of working, and how they might be implemented in a smart way. Instead of going all-in with revolutionary procedures – foreign and disruptive to our day-to-day operations – our philosophy lies in empowerment: supplying teams with automation investments that promote gain with minimal effort or invasiveness. Most importantly, it allows our creative minds to outsource the repetition and concentrate on what we’re best known for – ingenious solutions.

Today, we work collaboratively with the goals of our clients and internal stakeholders, and pride ourselves in the delivery of reliable solutions every time.

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