Software Engineering

We translate TWD’s engineering and design expertise into first-rate apps and automation solutions. The use of specialised, interactive apps is becoming an industry game changer. Our software engineers can uncover your project’s automation potential, from optimised designs, to increased vessel workability.

At the heart of all TWD projects lies creative design and ingenious engineering. Typically, the final deliverables of a project are reports and static drawings. However, we believe our clients can further benefit from our know-how through other means. Currently, TWD can provide apps as both the final product, or in conjunction with other solutions. Think of an engineering app for composing lifting arrangements, an operational app that generates a report for the warranty surveyor, or a dashboard to monitor the vessel’s accelerations during an in-field measurement campaign for workability optimisation. If you can dream it, we can develop it!

Our Expertise

Monopile Operations Tool

The monopile (MP) operations tool is an example of how TWD’s engineering and design know-how can be packaged into a tool that provides benefit for our client in the operational phase. From the app, the user can configure a trip by selecting and positioning MPs in the seafastening lanes. The app then fully automates:

  • Structural verification of the saddles and deck
  • Verification of MP stability and integrity
  • Determination of the MP saddle settings
  • Report generation, with trip overview and fully outlined checks for the warranty surveyor

An app like this enables contractors to optimise their installation sequence, stay flexible, and reduce mobilisation time with autogenerated mobilisation reports.

Automation at TWD

Internally, the software engineering group supports all TWD projects by automating repetitive tasks, reducing avenues for human-error, and giving space for our teams to concentrate on boosting creativity and ingenuity. Our continuous focus on automation is a two-way street that keeps us ahead of the curve and sustains our quality of work.

As our internal working methods are already automated, they form the ideal starting point for the creation of an interactive app.

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