At TWD, our marine engineers can provide you with solid support to help your marine equipment successfully realize transport and installation projects.

Working in marine environments can bring many challenges to your project. To tackle these challenges, our dedicated marine engineers conduct solid analyses so that your equipment can be operated safely and with maximal workability. Our in-house experience with automation tools, combined with specialist marine software packages, enables us to efficiently run complex projects. Since we have multiple disciplines under one roof, we can involve the right experts at the right time to minimize your project risks and develop tailor-made cost-efficient operational plans just for you.

Our Expertise

Dynamic Analysis

TWD has developed an in-depth knowledge of dynamic analysis (both mechanical and hydromechanical). By investigating how our designs will move, deflect, and vibrate under the influence of operational forces, dynamic analysis enables us to visualize the working principle of your project and study the key design parameters in detail. Based on your project specifics, our marine engineers can perform analyses either under one degree-of-freedom (DoF), multi-DoF, or even a full flexible FE analysis. We then combine the analysis input with our knowledge of structural, mechanical, actuation, and control. By doing so, we help you make proper design decisions, create simple and competitive designs, and increase the life expectancy of your temporary works.


Our marine engineers work with advanced software such as:

  • Ansys (incl. AQWA)
  • OrcaFlex
  • GHS
  • Adams
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • Rhinoceros 3D
  • In-house developed tools

Design and Operational Support

We offer full operational support beyond marine engineering. For example, throughout the execution of your installation, construction, or transportation project, we can assist with the mobilization and utilization of our designs. This way, we continuously optimize the workability and cycle time of your offshore project. In addition, by monitoring the operation and using our in-depth understanding of the designs, our field engineers can work out design solutions or quick fixes to improve your operation on the spot. Our full operational support covers Method Engineering, Structural and Mechanical Engineering and Design, Geotechnical Engineering, Fabrication Management, and Field Engineering.

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