Vessel Outfitting

TWD has a strong track record in the Vessel Outfitting market. We deliver smart and sustainable solutions for vessel outfitting and conversion projects.

Our Vessel Outfitting services cover a broad range on and below decks. On top of designing tailored temporary works and integrating existing mission equipment, we also specialize in converting your vessel for different operations. We can tackle challenges such as scrubber systems integration (open/close loop, hybrid system), ballast water treatment system integration, and exhaust gas treatment system integration by applying our in-depth knowledge in key vessel outfitting techniques.

Vessel Mission Equipment

We design functional mission equipment and temporary works for dredging, rock placement, cable laying, and defense.

Vessel Design & Retrofit

Vessel Design & Retrofit

We provide structural vessel design and modification to optimize operational efficiency and environmental impact.

Our Solutions

Whether your vessel is to be newly built or in need of retrofit, we find the optimal solutions for its outfitting. On top of integrating existing equipment onto your vessel, we can also design new temporary works tailored to your ship. We provide designs and integration for dredging and rock-dumping equipment, cable lay equipment, motion-compensated equipment, A-frames and cranes, and other customized mission equipment. In addition, we can help you reduce the polluting exhaust of your vessel. We achieve this by applying scrubber system integration, ballast water treatment system integration, and other retrofit scopes.

Motion Compensated System

To increase operational safety and reduce the downtime of offshore and nearshore operations, we have designed several motion compensation systems together with our sister company, Barge Master. The Barge Master T-700 multi-purpose platform and the Barge Master T-40 motion compensated crane pedestal are the proud results of our cutting-edge solutions. Our solutions include designs of motion-compensated gangways, platforms, grippers, and cranes.

Example Projects

Motion Compensated Knuckleboom Crane – Kroonborg & Kasteelborg

Motion Compensated Gangway – Vos Start

Modular Staircase – Ampelmann

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