Tension Leg Installation – Papa Terra

TWD’s role in anchoring piles, tendons, and buoyancy modules for Petrobras

TWD assisted Jumbo Offshore in the transportation and handover of anchoring piles, tendons, and buoyancy modules for a tension leg platform for Petrobras. We designed the entire installation sequence, encompassing loading, upending, and offshore handover to the client’s vessel. Dynamic analyses were conducted to determine the Dynamic Amplification Factors (DAFs), as well as the motions of the piles and tendons to assess clearances and identify feasible sea states for lifting and upending operations. This enabled Jumbo to execute the offshore operation efficiently as soon as a suitable weather window was available.

Furthermore, we designed the pile grillage for the 320-ton, 104-meter-long piles and the seafastening for the 130-ton tendon buoyancy modules. Additionally, more than 20 unique secondary designs were created to facilitate the offshore operations. TWD continued to support the offshore campaign with several engineers on board to assist with the operation.

TWD service highlights

  • Method engineering, including various scenario options
  • Fabrication assistance for all primary and secondary equipment
  • Mobilization planning and assistance
  • Engineering support during sailing and load out
  • Offshore support during handover operations
  • From the initial method engineering support to the final handover, the project was completed in 18 months

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