Thanks to the seamless collaboration with our in-house structural and marine experts, our geotechnical engineers can bring significant extra value to your project by improving designs, safety, cost-effectiveness, and workability.

Whether it is a (pre-)piling template, temporary dam, subsea tool, or a monopile gripper, temporary works often have interfaces with the subsoil or existing foundations. Since local soil conditions can significantly impact equipment design, operational risk and project workability, geotechnical challenges require solid expertise and in-depth knowledge. With the analysis from our dedicated geotechnical engineers, we bring you lean and integrated equipment designs for your next engineering project.

Our Expertise

Working with TWD

At TWD, we aim to make your construction project easier. By combining smart method engineering with creative equipment design, we bring safe, efficient, and tailored solutions to your project’s construction, installation, or transportation methods. Thanks to our multidisciplinary engineering approach, we take care of your technical risks at scope splits. By doing so, we guarantee an integrated equipment design solution. 

Operation Synergy

Our geotechnical engineers combine their in-depth knowledge of soil conditions with the expertise of our various in-house services to attend to every interface of your project carefully. Through close collaboration, TWD’s engineering disciplines conduct detailed geotechnical analysis. Based on this, we develop the most optimized and fit-for-purpose designs.

Thanks to our integrated way of working, we work out smart solutions that guarantee safe, cost-effective, and timely project completion.

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