Structural & Mechanical Design

We are passionate about Structural and Mechanical Design. From concept to details, our engineers always find the leanest, smartest, and most suitable design solutions for your offshore and civil projects.

At TWD, we are experienced in designing creative temporary works and mission equipment. We can perform all kinds of engineering analyses and deliver tailored structural and mechanical designs for your construction project. When needed, we are also open to invent solutions best for your project. Our typical design solutions include seafastening, lifting equipment, support and access structure, motion compensated systems, and pile handling tools.

Our Expertise

  • Functional Design

    We start every structural and mechanical design with the Functional Design Method. This method helps us to reach the leanest and most logical combinations of solutions, keeping simplicity at the core of our work. We apply the below steps in this method:

    • Defining the problem
    • Determining the requirements and criteria
    • Dividing the problem into sub-problems
    • Developing sub-solutions
    • Combining sub-solutions into logical combinations
    • Materializing the most promising solutions
    • Performing evaluation
    Functional Design

    Functional Design

  • Structural Design

    At TWD, we are dedicated to creating tailored structural designs of temporary works from concept to details. We are capable of using 2D and 3D modeling for our structural designs and take into account materials so that your design functionality is never compromised.

    To achieve the most robust designs, our structural engineers conduct various analysis, including:

    • Comprehensive load case determinations
    • Strength and stability analysis
    • Fatigue analysis
    • Integrity verification

    Our solid expertise in structural design has helped us to come up with ingenious solutions such as seafastening grillages, lifting beams, and support structures.

    Structural Design

    Structural Design

  • Mechanical Design

    We craft smart and innovative mechanical designs that not only improve safety but also reduce the cycle time of your projects.

    To come up with integrated and fit-for-purpose designs, our mechanical engineers assist you with:

    • Defining the functionalities of your equipment
    • Creating structural design of mechanical systems
    • Conducting strength and stability analysis by hand or FEM calculations
    • Specifying the required level of automation
    • Specifying drive and control systems

    Our integrated approach enables us to provide you with robust designs of motion compensated systems, piling equipment, lifting equipment, and other mechanical structures.

    Mechanical Design

    Mechanical Design

  • 3D Modelling

    We like visualizing our structural and mechanical engineering solutions to secure the highest project efficiency. Using 3D modeling helps us to gain great precision and control over your designs. To eliminate any mobilization and fabrication issues, reduce design time and costs, and help you understand our design functionalities better, we offer:

    • Designs that are created in a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) environment
    • Animated simulations of equipment functionalities
    • Clash checks at critical interfaces for different operational steps
    3D Modelling

    3D Modelling

  • Prototyping

    Our ambition is to help you have designs that are always first-time-right. To make this possible, we develop physical prototypes at various stages of the design process. Working with prototypes allows us to:

    • Evaluate and simplify our concept designs
    • Easily present our design functionalities to you
    • Evaluate all the operational risks
    • Improve your project safety


Our Expertise
Our Expertise
Functional Design

Functional Design

Structural Design

Structural Design

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

3D Modelling

3D Modelling




On top of hand calculation, we also use leading software programs to assist our work in structural and mechanical designs. In addition, our diverse skills and flexibility enable us to easily adapt to your software when necessary. Some of the software programs we use are:


Design/CAD Software

  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • AutoCad
  • SolidWorks

Engineering Software

  • RFEM
  • Scia
  • Matlab
  • Python

Project and Fabrication Management

An engineering project usually has many aspects to be considered. To have your project smoothly implemented from A to Z, our project management service can help you with budgeting, planning, and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management. On top of this, we offer fabrication management so that your design can be constructed as intended. In our fabrication management service, we can unburden you with the entire process of fabrication, including procurement assistance, fabrication assistance, mobilization assistance, and field engineering.

Example Projects

Cantilever Bridge – Western Australia

Drilling Template – Saint-Nazaire

Foundation Installation Equipment – Gode Wind

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