Heavy Civils

TWD has been working on major heavy civil projects across the world since its early years. This has allowed us to develop a broad knowledge and strong expertise in the heavy civil market.

We are dedicated to making your construction project easier. Our solutions (e.g. pile handling tools, lifting equipment, temporary support structures) aim to make a difference for your projects by applying method engineering and creating tailored designs. The thorough expertise of our dedicated heavy civil engineers and designers helps you to reduce project lead time, cut down on project risks, and improve safety.

Marine Civils

Marine Civils

We create efficient methodologies and tailored temporary works that enable the construction of marine infrastructure such as ports and quay walls, jetties, outfalls, immersed tunnels, submerged caissons.

Transport Infrastructure


Building a road, bridge, or tunnel? We develop thorough method statements and design project-specific mission equipment that improve the efficiency and safety of your transport infrastructure projects. 

Energy & Processing

Through all stages of your construction project, we can assist you with structural designs of industrial modules as well as marine transport and lifting operations.

Marine Civil Solutions

You have a project coming up in the marine civil sector. The requirements are non-standard, multi-faceted, and the path from A to B is unclear. This is where TWD lightens the load. We can provide a tailored methodical breakdown to compliment your bespoke project requirements. Straight from the tender phase, you are delivered a robust project outline. Further along, we provide the full detailed design package and implementation program to ensure an efficient and effective process – reducing cycle times, improving safety, and streamlining operations.  From tunnels to outfalls, quays to wharfs, explore in depth our track record:

Tailored Design

At TWD, we specialise in creating tailor-designed temporary tools and structures for your construction projects. We apply method engineering to define the optimal construction method at the beginning of the project. This helps to guide the creation of tailored mission equipment designs. Working with TWD you can expect a safe, timely, and hassle-free project execution.


On top of method engineering and equipment design, we offer our service in fabrication management. We find and collaborate with suppliers and subcontractors, working with them to ensure your specific design is fabricated as intended. Ultimately, we take care of your project from procurement to mobilization and field engineering. 

Example Projects

Cantilever Bridge – Western Australia

Floating Sheet Pile Gate – Tilbury 2, London

Walking Piling Gate – Port of Dover Expansion