LNG Jetty – Papua New Guinea

Jetty Construction (Cantilever Bridge) – BAM International

Together with BAM International, TWD developed a highly efficient method to construct a 2450-meter-long LNG jetty in Papua New Guinea. We provided a detailed design of a cantilever bridge with a backbone of two 1.8-meter-high box beams.

The bridge was used to construct the piles, headstocks, and concrete roadways of the jetty. To achieve this, the cantilever bridge was launched forward and was supported on temporary spud units while new foundation piles for the next headstock were driven. After the completion of the new headstock, the spud units were easily retracted, allowing the cantilever bridge to launch further.

Our smart designs contributed to quick, efficient, and safe jetty construction.

Project highlights

  • Average speed of three spans per week
  • Two redesigns of the cantilever bridge were provided for LNG jetties of the Ichthys and Wheatstone projects in Australia

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