Offshore Wind

We are strongly positioned in the Offshore Wind market and are an industry leader in the design of tailored transport and installation (T&I) equipment for foundations, turbines, and cables. 

Due to the highly repetitive nature of offshore wind farm installations, installation methods play a key role in the success of your project. That is why our multidisciplinary teams carefully consider all critical aspects in the transport and installation cycle. With our logical deck lay-outs, robust handling tools, and efficient installation procedures, we provide you with integrated solutions that significantly reduce offshore cycle time. Throughout the years, our ingenious designs have been used to install a wide range of offshore wind farms in different corners of the world.  

Foundation Installation

We develop tailored mission equipment to efficiently transport and install monopiles, pin-piles, and jackets.

WTG Installation

Our robust and smart installation equipment designs reduce the costs of XL turbine installation projects.

cable installation

Cable Installation

Trenching or cable-lay, retrofit or new-built – we design fit-for-purpose equipment to support your cable installation project.

Our Solutions

Our multidisciplinary engineers provide integrated services to overcome your transport and installation challenges. Having extensive experience in the Offshore Wind industry, we can recognize your potential technical risks at an early project stage and know how to tackle them. To assure success, we collaborate closely with you and generate ingenious solutions. Some of our proud solutions include seafastening, upending equipment, monopile grippers, piling templates, lifting equipment, cable installation equipment, and other WTG handling equipment.


Tailored Design

We create our designs to make your construction project easier. Our mission is to develop the simplest and most robust solutions for your engineering projects. Through our close collaboration with you, we design mission equipment and temporary works tailored specifically to your project and its assets within (e.g. vessels, cranes). This flexible and transparent way of working empowers us to achieve the highest-quality outcome for every project. Want to learn more? Check out one of our proud examples in tailored design – Aeolus.

Fabrication Management

We are an independent engineering company with a broad network of international fabricators. Through this diverse network, we can help you select the most suitable construction party based on your project specifics and the suppliers’ offers. For a smooth fabrication, we closely monitor the progress and quality of the construction to prevent any potential issues instead of fixing them later. 

Example Projects

WTG Seafastening – Rentel

Monopile Gripper – Svanen

Foundation Installation Equipment – Sandbank

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Aeolus Gripper & Seafastening

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