By evaluating and forming the optimal construction method at an early project stage, our Method Engineering service unlocks success for your next engineering project.

At TWD, our multidisciplinary engineers understand that smart installation methods can bring you competitive tenders and profitable projects. That is why we approach every challenge with method engineering – a process that develops the optimal construction sequence, defines required assets, and specifies the needed temporary works when the project starts. This provides a strong kick-start to your project, allowing you to detect project risks and arrange resources strategically (equipment and personnel) at an early tender or project stage.

Our Expertise

TWD Innovation

Our in-house Innovation team aims to anticipate market trends and use insights gained to keep clients ahead of the curve. We challenge ourselves to create ground-breaking Operation Methods and evolutions in Mission Equipment.

Innovative and ingenious solutions can come in many ways; our experts collaborate with our clients, regulatory bodies, and universities to spark the best ideas. We perform extensive and in-depth research, build demonstrators, and organize joint brainstorms to develop the construction solutions of tomorrow.

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TWD Innovation

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Design of Temporary Works/Mission Equipment

Method Engineering is the foundation of high-quality and creative temporary works. It makes smart and efficient construction projects possible by connecting various engineering disciplines together. By combining method engineering with equipment design, we deliver temporary works solutions that cater to your project needs. Using our multidisciplinary services, we continue to bring lean, practical, and user-friendly engineering designs for your temporary works. 


Our ambition is to have designs that are always first-time-right. To achieve this, we develop physical prototypes at different stages of the design process. Working with prototypes not only helps us to evaluate our concept designs but also to simplify them and show the functionalities to you. By using prototypes, we evaluate all the operational risks with you and improve your project safety. 

Research & Testing

When designing new equipment, sometimes desk studies or calculations do not provide all the required answers. To tackle all technical risks, prevent any issues in the field, and avoid unnecessary design conservatism, TWD has set up research and testing facilities. Through these facilities, we develop test set-ups, prototypes, and scale models to validate assumptions. For instance, we can conduct permanent friction tests to consider the material, environmental, and loading conditions of your project. We swiftly ensure the friction capacity of your interface materials, bringing you higher workability and lower costs.

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