Walking Piling Gate – Port of Dover Expansion

Piling rate increased by 50%

VolkerStevin UK needed to install over 700 tubular piles to create new quay walls. Because of the large number of the piles, the gate repositioning time was critical for this project. To reduce the project lead time, we developed our innovative “walking piling gate”. The gate hydraulically re-positions itself without using the main crane. It can ensure correct installation tolerances and even follows an exact curve. Through its innovative structure, the “walking piling gate” achieved a 50% increase in the piling rate and proudly won the 2017 Innovation Award at the M&CCE Expo.

Project highlights

  • Innovative, first in class piling gates
  • 50% increase in piling performance
  • Gate skids forward autonomously
  • Repositioning and leveling of the gate without the need of the crane
  • Parallel to upending and pitching a new pile

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