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As your Foundation Installation Specialist, our multidisciplinary team can help you to successfully overcome your offshore wind challenges.

TWD is an industry leader in the design of tailored transport and installation equipment as well as method engineering. We are strongly positioned in this rapidly growing market and ready to assist you with your next offshore wind project.

Why work with TWD?

Our logical deck layouts, robust handling tools, and efficient procedures will streamline your installations and help to ensure hassle-free operations. Check out this video to learn more about collaborating with TWD.

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Our Specialities

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Track Record in Offshore Wind

This comprehensive download highlights TWD’s contributions to the successful installation of offshore wind campaigns worldwide. Working closely with our clients and fabricators, we can deliver robust foundation installation tools with smart installation methods for the specific needs of your project.


TWD’s tailored Grippers range from lean, project-specific designs to versatile ‘future-proof’ solutions. We have the extensive experience required to successfully deliver an ingenious gripper solution to suit your project needs. A few vessels fitted with our Gripper designs include:

  • Svanen
  • Innovation
  • Bilfinger
  • Aeolus
  • Pacific Osprey
offshore wind grippers
offshore wind seafastening


Our safe and functional seafastening solutions span from a simple bolted connection to a fast and modular hydraulically actuated clamping mechanism. TWD’s designs aid in the successful transport of various installation components such as monopiles, jackets, towers, blades, and transition pieces. A few vessels fitted with our Seafastening solutions include:

  • Galloper
  • Orion
  • Innovation
  • Aeolus
  • Vole Au Vent


As wind farm installation develops into deeper waters, piling templates are faced with more demanding environments. Our tailored approach considers piling methodology, wave and soil conditions, and client requests, to provide a bespoke solution for the exact task at hand. A few OWF that have used our templates include:

  • Baltic II
  • St. Brieuc
  • Triton Knoll
  • Changhua
  • Borkum West II
offshore wind templates


The upending cradle or bucket defines a rotation point, such that controlled and stable upending by a crane can always be assured. Monopile size and methodology help determine our upending design which can be further tailored to include varying beam structures. A few vessels with TWD upending include:

  • Sapura 3500
  • Innovation
  • Aeolus
  • GeoSea
  • Wind Orca
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Constructing offshore wind farms? Our fit-for-purpose foundation installation solutions help you overcome complex project challenges.
From logical deck layouts to future-proof tools, download our Track Record to learn how we can help streamline your operations.

Because of this fast-paced environment and the opportunities, I had a steep learning curve in which I developed myself greatly. The beauty of TWD is that if you take initiative you can grow along with this fast-growing company. Anything is possible.

Chris Heuberger

CEO e.g.

What I like most about working at TWD is the “hands-on” mentality, the alternation between short and longer projects, the steep learning curve, and working with so many different nationalities.

Jos van Dam

Engineering Manager

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