Marine Infrastructure: Design of
Temporary Works

With our broad experience of civil construction in a marine environment, we are well poised to offer bespoke solutions to facilitate the efficient implementation of your project. 

With close collaboration between our marine, structural, and mechanical teams, we tend to each step of the project to ensure design and operational efficiency are prioritised, providing you with lean, timely, and cost-effective solutions.

Our international project track record, tactical approach to method engineering, and diverse repertoire in temporary works are the trinity that can help guarantee a successful collaboration.

Why work with TWD?

TWD is specialised in designing methods and equipment tailored to improving the efficiency and safety of construction. We review the full operation to set out the key equipment functionalities required for the best operational gains. Our structural and mechanical designs shorten cycle times, reducing operational costs at the site. To learn how we can assist you in your construction projects, download our track record now.

Our Specialities

Delve into our
Marine Civils Track Record

This comprehensive download highlights TWD’s contributions to the successful construction of temporary and permanent marine civil works in Europe, Australia, North America and the Middle East. Working closely with our clients and fabricators, we can deliver robust permanent work installation tools with smart installation methods for the specific needs of your project. 

Jetties, Quays & Wharfs

Jetties, quays and wharfs, as well as mooring/birthing dolphins, are pile-based constructions which compose near-shore marine infrastructures such as ports and harbours.

The piling process has a strong influence on the project installation timeline. With the use of smart template tools, piling operations can be streamlined to reduce installation time and double handling, and eradicate unneccessary manual operations.

TWD are experienced in dealing with cylindrical, sheet, cellular, and combi-wall piling techniques. With our innovative approach, we will supply a bespoke solution to facilitate your piling requirements. Our track record confirms a marked increase in output after tool implementation – notably Dover’s ‘Walking Piling Gate’, which saw an output increase of  50%

Tunnels / Outfalls

For the construction of tunnels, either transportation tunnels, sewers or outfall constructions, diverse construction methodologies are applied. Marine tunnel sections can be drilled, floated out and immersed, or lifted into place.

The construction sequence, as well as the design of the required temporary works, requires in-depth understanding of working on water. TWD is an expert on the matter, and supports contractors with:

  • Method engineering and development of story boards
  • Barge mooring, ballasting and stability analyses
  • Lifting analyses and design of tailored lifting or lowering equipment
  • Third party verifications or on-site coordination


Suspension bridges are becoming ever more popular due to their long span capabilities, relatively low material requirement, fast fabrication time, and height. Often, segments are pre-fabricated before being lifted from pontoons and secured in place. This requires thorough lifting and stability assessments, taking operational and environmental conditions into account. With our experience, we can verify your installation procedure, and provide robust designs to ensure a safe and efficient operation. Some of our relevant services include:

  • Design of piling frames / templates
  • Lifting analyses and design of tailored lifting frames
  • Bridge-launch equipment / launching girders
  • Tailored gantry cranes


A breakwater is a permanent structure, often as part of a coastal management system, which protects against waves and tides. They often take the form of caissons, either pre-fabricated and transported to site, or sometimes constructed locally. Caisson transportation and installation requires in-depth marine analyses to cope with the heavy loads. TWD can provide various solutions to ensure a successful operation:

  • On/Offloading analyses and design of skidding systems
  • Barge mooring, ballasting and stability analyses
  • Robust seafastening solutions
  • Third party verifications and on-site coordination

Constructing something in the marine civil environment? Our fit-for-purpose temporary works help you overcome complex project challenges. From logical lifting solutions to future-proof tools, download our Track Record to learn how we can help streamline your marine civil operations.

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