St. Brieuc Drilling Template and Upend Hinge

To help Van Oord install jacket foundations on the St. Brieuc OWF (496 MW), TWD developed a 3-legged drilling template and 3 identical upend hinges that can lift pin-piles and casings in varying diameters and lengths autonomously. Hydraulic cylinders are applied in this design without engaging the main crane.

In combination with the drilling template, we also designed a separate offshore substation (OSS) template that can be removed horizontally, enabling the OSS pin piles to be installed. Our experienced marine engineers helped us to achieve this outstanding outcome with dynamic and workability analyses.

Project highlights

  • Jack-up system in the template
  • The first drilling template with oscillators included in a subsea operation
  • The first autonomous upending hinge that works without engaging other lifting equipment.
  • Upend tool can upend piles of different diameters

St. Brieuc Drilling Template and Upend Hinge

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