Cantilever Bridge – Western Australia

A smart cantilever bridge design for Ichthys and Wheatstone LNG jetties

In 2010, TWD helped BAM Clough Joint Venture build a cantilever bridge in Papua New Guinea. After this successful collaboration, they asked us to design another cantilever bridge: this time for the Ichthys and Wheatstone LNG jetties. As the construction had to start on land, continue through a mangrove, and end up deep in water, the design was quite challenging. To tackle the challenges, we reused our previous design for Papua New Guinea and applied some modifications to optimize the operational sequence. The result was a 78-meter-long cantilever bridge that was efficiently used for both jetty constructions in Western Australia.

Project highlights

  • One solution starting on land continues through mangrove and ends in deep water
  • Jetty building machine fully equipped with all the required tools and access platforms
  • Accommodating numerous building processes within a limited amount of space
  • Cantilever span of 24-meter

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