Marine Operations Toolbox

Our Marine Operations Toolbox empowers you to perform common marine calculations and analyses firsthand, allowing you to improve, verify, and streamline your marine operations.

Combining our expertise in marine engineering and automation, we have packaged our most in-demand marine calculations and analyses into a single package.

The Marine Operations Toolbox offers a streamlined and easy-to-use interface, making it quick and easy to calculate common assessments such as bollard pull, barge stability, and deck assessments. Happy with the results? Instantly request a full report, verified by our experts.

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Our Toolbox of Apps

Deck Layout

The deck layout app is the epicentre of the Marine Operations Toolbox. Upload your barge model and create a deck drawing using the drag-and-drop cargo from our library. Create and compare different deck layouts, and evaluate the operational safety and efficiency with our range of Marine Operations Tools.  

  • Upload your own barges or use on of the existing examples
  • Delve into our extensive library of common cargo items
  • Generate deck drawings

Bollard Pull

The bollard pull app allows you to determine the bollard pull required to tow a barge loaded with cargo. With a defined sea state and operating conditions, the app provides quick and accurate results, verifying if a tug is suitable for a certain towing operation.

  • Evaluate different tugs
  • Accurate wind load calculations based on deck layout
  • Results based on DNV codes

Barge Stability

The barge stability app offers the possibility of verifying the intact stability of your loaded barge under various conditions. Generate a stable ballast plan for any given deck layout whilst minimising the ballast required.

  • Supports intact cases (and damage cases on request)
  • Based on barge, deck layout and stability booklet
  • Single-click ballast plan delivery

Spreader Beam

Can’t find a spreader on the market that suits your cargo? With this app you can quickly design your own customised Spreader Beam and directly see the required equipment and bulk materials for fabrication.

  • Provide simple cargo dimensions and COG
  • Delivers an optimised Spreader Beam with stability analysis
  • Generates bulk MTO

MP Ops

With the MP Ops Tool, you can optimise your installation campaign through calculated MP seafastening arrangements.
For each MP, the tool shows cradle clashes, check the stability, and performs various structural calculations.

  • Select and position monopiles on a vessel
  • Receive instant visual feedback on clashes and other checks
  • Generate a report ready for the warranty surveyor

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