Module Design & Transport: Waste-to-Energy Plant

Module Design & Transport Assistance

TWD assisted Keppel Seghers in developing Hong Kong’s first integrated waste management facility – IWMF1. This facility aims to reduce the size of mixed municipal solid waste and to recover useful resources. It is composed of prefabricated units (modules), which were fabricated in China and transported via sea to an artificial island near Shek Kwu Chau, in Hong Kong. The plant consists of 17 modules with a total weight of more than 50000t.  

TWD designed 7 unique modules, including permanent and temporary transport steel, with the heaviest module weighing 6000t.

Engineered for safe and robust sea and land transport, the modules were also designed considering in-place & yard conditions, typhoons and earthquakes.

We also provided fabrication assistance, silo and connection design, hanging boiler seafastening and on-site support.

IWMF1 will recover heat energy from the municipal solid waste incineration process to produce about 480 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of surplus electricity (about 1% of the electricity consumption in Hong Kong). The surplus electricity will be sufficient for use by 100,000 households.

Project highlights

  • The heaviest transport ever performed with a hanging boiler from the top of a module
  • Designed 7 unique models including permanent and temporary transport steel
  • Construction stage and set down analysis

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