Monopile Gripper – Hyundai Frontier

Monopile Gripper to install South Korea’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm

TWD was awarded a contract by HESI for the design of the monopile gripper, marking this as the first project in South Korea. TWD’s tailored design of the monopile gripper played a key role in the installation process of South Korea’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm with the Hyundai Frontier vessel. 

The Hyundai Frontier required a lightweight, customized gripper to maximize its operational efficiency. This gripper can be folded using a jacking system, allowing space around the monopile for the installation of the transition piece. Its design enables it to operate at the keel level of the Frontier, guiding and stabilizing the piles until they reach deeper penetration depths. 

Due to the short lead-time, TWD was in close contact with the South Korean manufacturer Sambo C.M.C. during the fabrication of the monopile gripper. TWD ensured the delivery of the equipment to HESI within time by providing fabrication management and technical support to Sambo. Together with Sambo C.M.C., TWD navigated challenges such as a tight fabrication schedule, limited material availability, and design changes. 

In addition to providing fabrication assistance, TWD offered HESI additional services, including various geotechnical analyses. A highlight was the investigation of pile run prevention, analyzing every location and providing a trade-off between various mitigation options. Furthermore, TWD analyzed the dual crane upending technique to improve workability and ensure a safe operation. Additionally, TWD assisted Sambo C.M.C. with transportation and mobilization advice. With the help of a 3D print, TWD determined the mobilization sequence through concept rehearsal.

Project highlights:

  • Lead-time of 8 months
  • Locally manufactured  
  • First awarded project in South Korea 
  • Full-service project  

As the global wind energy sector expands, a shortage of vessels for handling bigger monopiles is foreseen. Simply scaling up isn’t enough. Download our Whitepaper to explore how TWD tackles supply chain bottlenecks with innovative installation methods, or get our Offshore Wind Track Record to see how we have helped industry leaders succeed in their installations.