Break Bulk Seafastening 

Seafastening has been at the core of our business from the beginning. In the heavy lift and transport industry, these seafastening structures represent a significant cost.  

At TWD, we recognize that the variability of seafastening structures within projects leads to decreased reusability and increased depreciation.  We believe that optimizing the design of these structures can significantly improve a project by reducing steel usage, cutting costs, and optimizing the process.  

MWS Management 

Often, we notice disruptions in project planning when Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS) and transport engineers aren’t aligned — a common challenge in a market where marine operations are not the primary expertise for parties involved. With our extensive offshore experience, we actively contribute to developing new industry codes in collaboration with MWS and can serve as MWS ourselves. This expertise allows us to navigate the dynamic relationship among EPC, MWS, and engineering providers. By prioritizing early attention to critical aspects and ensuring high-quality deliverables for MWS, we prevent unwelcome surprises before vessels set sail. 

Lightweight and Fast Delivery 

The primary goal of seafastening is to guarantee the integrity and stability of the cargo aboard the vessel during transportation at sea. Achieving this while minimizing steel usage is one of the main challenges. This can be accomplished through lightweight and reusable design principles. With our experience in vessel integrity, module design, and innovative solutions, TWD delivers designs that meet all requirements, resulting in cost-effective seafastening solutions. 

Engineering Automation

Projects with many journeys provide interesting opportunities for automation. Every cargo requires attention to detail. By automizing the parts that overlap between different cargos (calculation setup, documentation structure, etc.), the focus can be shifted to the critical, unique parts of the engineering. TWD’s dedicated automation team implements this strategy for industry leaders and is ready to do the same for your next project. 

Optimized for Operation 

Effective seafastening ensures shorter loading time, leading to cost-effective operations. The optimal approach for seafastening is different for each combination of cargo, vessel, and availlable equipment. A tailored design for break bulk grillages and seafastening eliminates time-consuming handling and is therefore a smart investment for your next seafastening project. TWD applies this flexible approach in projects such as the Wheatstone LNG project, where multiple seafastening methods were designed to maximize project efficiency. 

Happy To Support Your Next Project 


With our pioneering engineering solutions, we have played a pivotal role in numerous sea transport operations. Discover our extensive track record in the heavy lift and transport industry by downloading our Heavy Lift and Transport Track Record. Learn how TWD has collaborated with leading companies like Linde, Kepple and Technip to achieve success in their projects. Reach out to us to arrange a consultation and discover what TWD can do for you. 

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