Module Transport for Gasification Plant – Linde

Sea Transport from India to Singapore Monitored by TWD

In 2019 Linde approached a contractor in India for the fabrication of 46 modules intended for a new gasification plant on Jurong Island, Singapore.
Sea transportation of the modules commonly involves operational risks if not properly controlled and efficiently managed. Therefore, Linde asked TWD to review, survey, and approve the complete sea transport operation from load out to load in.
With experience in all aspects of heavy transport engineering, TWD can quickly pinpoint and address the severity of risks that accompany such an operation.
Our engineers reviewed all calculations and method statements, including SPMT transportation and the seafastening design. We also provided on-site assistance, and gave the green light for each shipment when all international quality and safety standards were assured.
On top of these, to continuously improve our transport methods throughout each shipment, our marine engineers implemented a sensor on the vessel to measure vessel motions and accelerations.
A total of 10 shipments are planned for this project. TWD is happy to support Linde in making this transport project a success!

Project highlights

  • MWS services on-site
  • Vessel motions monitoring
  • 3rd party review calculations

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