Lightweight Lifting Spreader

Optimizing the Titan crane capacity without compromising on safety

TWD is proud to have provided Smulders with the design of a lightweight lifting spreader to optimize the capacity of the Titan crane and the safety of lifting operations in the yard.

The project consisted of the design and fabrication assistance of a lifting spreader made up of cold-formed S690Q steel. This contributed to a significant decrease in weight from 50 to 30 tonnes, compared to Smulders’ previous spreader.

To maximize the spreader’s safety and accessibility, we offered our input on the incorporation of electronic features, such as hydraulic pin connections, and integrated cameras and light systems, which monitor the state of the system during operations. Our design team also addressed potential failures and provided accident prevention measures.

Before the operations started, TWD organized a Heavy Lift seminar with Smulders where we discussed safe and efficient lifting and transport practices, introduced our prototypes, and demonstrated the implementation of the lifting tool.

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