Marine Piling and Drilling

TWD has designed numerous piling and drilling templates for various structures like jetties, quays, breakwaters, piers, and berthing facilities.

With extensive experience, continuous site feedback, and improved methods, we excel in designing versatile pile grippers, gates, and templates. We customize our solutions to meet each project’s unique needs and piling output requirements. This approach has enabled our clients to realize remarkable success, optimizing construction rates, reducing expenses, and ensuring stringent adherence to safety protocols. 

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Method Engineering

TWD specializes in tailored method engineering and equipment design for diverse piled structures. We design tools for combiwall constructions, sheet-piled walls, cofferdams, decks on piles, trestles, dolphins, and cellular cofferdams. We carefully review the entire operation to determine the key equipment functionalities to optimize operational efficiency. Our thorough study considers all critical factors, such as piling grid setup, irregularities, wave and current loads on piles, crane pitching method, installation tolerances, and hammer passing clearances. Our structural and mechanical engineers then develop a custom piling template that matches the required functionalities and supports the pile installation method.

Tool Deployment Method

The choice of marine plant equipment determines our approach to developing the optimal piling methods. TWD offers a range of innovative solutions, including pile gates supported from the sideshell of floating or jack-up barges, as well as standalone options. In standalone configurations, our designs can be supported either on previously installed piles or temporary spuds. Furthermore, we have developed outriggers and platforms that leverage existing quay at the shore or temporary jetties to facilitates crane access and streamline construction logistics around each pier structure.

Your Piling Rig Designer

With our multidisciplinary teams, we can support you throughout the entire process, from conceptualization to commissioning of a tool that meets your needs. We’re here to help with your next piled construction project, providing a competitive edge to your tender or project.

Our services include:

  • Method statements
  • Installation sequences
  • Structural and mechanical design
  • Marine analyses
  • Hammer drive ability
  • Fabrication supervision
  • Onsite support

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TWD is an international engineering company with offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia. We have a proven track record in designing practical installation methods and the necessary tools for challenging constructions. We have worked for industry leaders such as DEME, BAM, and Graham. Our pile installation tools are designed to add value by reducing cycle times, improving site crew safety and ease of operations, or offering innovative alternatives. 

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