Immersed Tunnels

TWD has extensive experience in Method Engineering and Equipment Design of immersed tunnels. Our method engineering considers weather conditions to ensure workability and operability during transport and installation.

We specialize in ballast engineering and mooring analyses to optimize workflows and design lifting equipment for seamless operations. Our expertise extends to providing precise positioning and connection of tunnels during installation, along with comprehensive marine operations management that includes warranty surveys. With our proven expertise, we guarantee efficient and reliable solutions for your immersed tunnel projects.

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Method Engineering

Our method engineering services emphasize detailed planning to address site-specific challenges. We focus on logistics planning, including site layout, weather considerations, and environmental factors to ensure optimal workability and operability during transportation and installation. Additionally, we conduct thorough dynamic studies, mooring analyses, and stability calculations to streamline operations, enhance safety, and maximize efficiency throughout the project duration.

Mission Equipment

Drawing on our in-house expertise, we design mission equipment essential for successful tunnel installations. From tunnel end caps to foundations for pumps and winches, our designs are tailored to project requirements. We also develop lifting equipment and perform calculations to ensure the smooth immersion of tunnel parts.

On-site Assistance

We offer on-site operations assistance, including marine operation management services. Our support includes mooring, ballasting, and transportation of tunnel pieces. Additionally, our marine warranty surveyor services ensure compliance with regulations, guaranteeing the successful completion of your project.

Fabrication Services

Throughout the fabrication phase, our tailored assistance addresses production hurdles to ensure smooth progress. Proactively addressing potential issues allows us to resolve them before the operational phase, saving valuable time and resources. Close cooperation and communication between the fabricator, client, and our expert engineers help accelerate the progress of the project.

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TWD stands at the forefront of engineering innovation, renowned for our expertise in marine civils. With over 15 years’ experience, our multidisciplinary teams are well suited to solving civil construction challenges in projects related to areas such as tunnels and caissons, transport infrastructure, and jetty, quays, and wharfs. Check out our track record and see how we can help you with a combined approach of method engineering and equipment design. 

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