Temporary Works – Thames Tideway

Temporary Works – Thames Tideway

FLO JV has been working on the Central Section of the Thames Tideway project – a tunnel bored 100m below the river level to increase the sewage capacity of London. The tunnel’s surface shaft requires five cofferdam constructions on the busy river walls. Between 2017 and 2020, TWD has assisted FLO JV with the ad-hoc designs and analyses of cofferdam constructions.

Our teams designed templates for sheets, tubular piles, as well as for combi-walls. We also delivered access structures over water, mooring piles with traveling rings, and support frames for marine signals. In addition, we analyzed various critical marine operations, including mooring analyses, marine stability analyses for transport barges, and maximizing the lifting capability of crane barges.

This project required a lot of last-minute support. Thanks to our responsiveness, streamlined design, and expert input, we have been able to provide fast and reliable high-quality solutions.

Project highlights

  • Highly responsive support to site teams
  • Quick turnarounds and automation
  • Simple and functional designs
  • Expert input to simplify challenging operations and designs

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