Heavy Civils

All our designs aim to add value by reducing cycle times, improving the site-crew’s safety or providing smarter, out of the box alternatives. Our thorough knowledge of structural and mechanical engineering, hydro-dynamics, marine and geotechnical engineering enables us to develop the optimal solution that meets the wide variety of your demands.

Civil engineering works are regularly characterized by a high level of repetition: long dikes, hundreds of prefab bridge elements, kilometers of jetty, lengths of quay walls, and so on. This repetitiveness, combined with the specific boundary conditions of each projects, defines the need for tailored and innovative installation equipment. Smart solutions result in shortened cycle times and significant cost reductions.

TWD is specialized in the structural and mechanical design of these types of temporary works. For the installation of 800 tubular piles in port of Dover, TWD designed a ‘walking piling gate’ to achieve a 50% higher output. For the construction of a jetty in Australia, a highly effective ‘cantilevered bridge’ resulted in a construction speed of 2 sections of 24m jetty per week.

“Our track record illustrates how our ‘first time right’ designs could contribute to your future civil construction project”.

Besides the development of practical installation methods and the structural and mechanical design of the required temporary works, TWD operates a dedicated marine engineering department, specialized in the hydrodynamic challenges related to working on or near water. TWD’s expertise in mooring and stability analyses of floating barges, but also specialized analyses for submerging of tunnels and caissons, makes TWD the engineering partner of choice for marine civil schemes.

Heavy Civils Track Record

Jetties, quays & breakwaters

Ichthys CLB, Papua New Guinea CLB, Hay point coal jetty, Port of Dover piling template, Dewatering system Al Bateen Marina


Cofferdams & Building pits

Marine Engineering Thames, Module offloading facility


Submerged tunnels & caissons

Port of Nador, Flood barrier, Combi-wall piling template



Water & sewage facilities

Water pipeline, Wastewater outfalls

Pipe & Cable landings

Stinger frame


Rail, Highway & bridges

Halogaland bridge, Dalsfjord Bridge, Moerdijk Bridge, Amstel Train Bridge, Zoetermeer Cycle Bridge



Temporary jacking support



Our working method

Effective and fit-for-purpose temporary works are key to the success of any construction project. As designers specialized in this particular niche, TWD engineers understand how smartly developed tools could contribute to safer, quicker and more cost-effective installations. All our solutions, tools and methods aim to make a difference for your projects, both in the tender- as in the execution phase.

Our designers listen carefully to your specific requirements and work in close cooperation with your project teams. The impact of major design decisions on the project is clearly presented, allowing you to make well informed choices throughout the entire design process. This cooperative approach allows us to match our ideas with your preferred construction methods, where we strive to smartly use available materials and maximize the reusability of tools and components. Whether the challenge is simple or complex, a temporary access platform or a combi wall piling template, our functional design method leads to logical and cost-effective solutions.