Transport & Heavy Lift

We are experts in the Transport and Heavy Lift market. Every day, our heavy lift engineers prove that simple and functional solutions can be the best. 

We bridge method engineering with equipment design to develop the most suitable plan for any heavy transport or heavy lifting project. Our in-house heavy lift engineers are specialized in developing method statements, conducting dynamic and marine analyses, and defining sea-going loads on cargo. We ensure a safe and easy construction project by designing tailored temporary works such as seafastening, jacking and skidding systems, and self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) interfaces. 

Marine Transport & Heavy Lift

Marine Transport
& Heavy Lift

Our engineers are passionate about designing safe and fit-for-purpose lifting tools and seafastening solutions for transportation projects on the sea.

On-Shore Transport & Heavy Lift

On-Shore Transport
& Heavy Lift

We design robust, safe, and user-friendly lifting equipment and develop efficient transport methods using jacking/skidding systems or self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs).

subsea installation


We can assist you with all the required mission equipment designs and dynamic (lifting) analyses to install mooring piles, anchors, pipes, or other subsea components.

Our Solutions

Safety is a crucial aspect in Heavy Lift and Transportation operations. To execute your project safely and efficiently, a multidisciplinary approach is beneficial. At TWD, we gather structural engineers, lifting engineers, marine engineers, and geotechnical engineers all under one roof so that your project can be operated with high safety standards and quality. Some of our proud solutions in Heavy Lift and Transportation include lifting equipment, jacking and skidding equipment, seafastening, piling equipment, and chain handling equipment. 

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Tailored Design

No construction is the same. At TWD, we recognize the uniqueness of each heavy lift and transportation project and come up with equally unique ideas. We identify the most efficient construction method at the very beginning of your project. Based on the method discovered and your project needs, we adjust our solutions to deliver you lean and safe engineering designs for your construction projects. 

Fabrication Management

We are committed to our designs, so we ensure that they are fabricated with high quality and are cost-effective for our clients. To achieve this, we closely collaborate with a broad network of fabrication suppliers to help you with fabrication, procurement, mobilization, and field engineering.

Example Projects

Duct Transport and Installation – Aghios Dimitrios Plant

Cradle Support – Oceanco Yachts

Lifting Frames – Northern Cyprus Water Supply

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