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With over a decade experience in the Transport and Heavy Lift market, we provide independent module transport consultancy and tailored temporary works design to make your transport project easier. Our functional and lean solutions help you to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and increase project efficiency.

Module transport requires detailed planning – from the structure of the modules to the specific transport methods. Our in-house heavy lift engineers identify all the potential impacts that (sea) transport can have on your modules and can already incorporate this knowledge into its structural design. Thanks to our combined approach of method engineering and equipment design, we help mitigating any interface risks between site surveys, marine logistics, and land logistics. Closely monitoring your module transport from A to B, we ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

A Glimpse of Our Specialties

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Challenges in Module Transportation & How to Tackle

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Method Engineering

We provide our engineering assistance at every phase of your module transportation project. When involved from the early phase of a project, we can be your independent project consultant for method engineering. Applying our expertise in method engineering, we help your project from the below aspects:

  • Follow module from fabrication yard to installation site
  • Vessel selection
  • Transport and installation method composition
  • Transport equipment determination
  • Load-in / load-out principles
  • Method statement composition

Mission Equipment Design

With over a decade of experience in mission equipment design, we have the knowledge to create robust and ingenious designs that fit the optimal construction method your project adopts. Some of our typical mission equipment designs include:

  • Grillages
  • Seafastening interfaces
  • Transport beams
  • Lifting frames and plans
  • Other tailored mission equipment

Sea Transport Engineering

During the transportation of your modules, whenever marine logistics is involved, our dedicated in-house marine engineers are here to support you with a wide-range of services. These include:

  • Structural integrity verification of module
  • Structural integrity verification of equipment
  • Determination of temporary reinforcements
  • Define cargo accelerations
  • Stability analysis and ballast plans
  • Sagging and hogging analysis
  • Workability, weather windows, and weather routing

On-site Assistance & Operational Management

As soon as your module arrives at the plant site, our multi-disciplinary engineers and project managers ensure your modules are properly installed and integrated into the plant system. We can help you with:

  • On-site inspection
  • Planning & logistics
  • Mobilization assistance
  • Design risk assessments
  • Company representative

Marine Warranty Surveying [MWS] Services

Beyond method engineering, equipment design, sea transport, on-site assistance, and operational management, we can also help you to obtain MWS for insurance by providing the following services:

  • Review of engineering documents
  • Review of procedures & method statements
  • Vessel and equipment survey
  • Issuing Certificate of Approval
  • Vessel on/off hire survey
  • Monitoring and report ongoing operations

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