Pin Pile Seafastening

Our custom pin pile seafastening solutions ensure secure and efficient transportation of pin piles. TWD specializes in designing tailored solutions that are future-proof when necessary. We have developed numerous pin pile seafastenings and cradles.

We adopt an integrated approach that includes designing the pin pile cradle, evaluating how transporting the pin piles affects the strength of the vessel overall and in specific areas, and ensuring the integrity of the pin piles throughout the process.

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Method Engineering

Drawing from extensive experience in various pin pile seafastening projects, TWD offers outstanding method engineering support. Our tailored solutions are designed to maximize project efficiency at every stage. This involves optimizing the number of pin piles to ensure efficient transportation, as well as evaluating the feasibility of integrating an upending bucket to enhance both time and space efficiency. Moreover, we conduct dynamic motion analysis to enhance workability during transport.

Pin Pile Integrity

Ensuring pin pile integrity throughout transportation is crucial. In addition to safeguarding the pin piles against damage during lifting and upending, evaluating their integrity presents opportunities to improve seafastening methods. By reducing the need for support and enhancing operability with higher allowable vessel accelerations, we can ease project planning constraints and cut costs. These efforts contribute to maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your pin pile operations.

Constraints and Friction Test

In our testing facilities, we perform friction testing between pin piles and their supporting materials during transportation. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate materials for your specific needs. Additionally, we assess whether relying solely on friction constraints is sufficient and recommend alternative constraint forms into the design when necessary.

Deck Strength Verification

As the size of pin piles continues to increase, the need for verifying deck strength becomes more crucial. Local deck strength verification is essential to guarantee the vessel can handle transportation and operational loads effectively. Additionally, we conduct global vessel integrity analyses as needed to account for factors such as sagging and hogging effects. These considerations not only impact stress levels in the seafastening but also affect overall vessel stresses.

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With over 15 years of experience, TWD has made contributions to the installation of over 100 wind farms worldwide. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams delivered numerous tailored installation solutions, spanning from Japan and Taiwan to France and the United States. Explore our extensive Track Record to discover how we can assist with your pin pile seafastening designs and more.

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