Monopile Seafastening

Our tailored monopile seafastening solutions ensure safe and successful transportation of monopiles. We have extensive experience in the design of tailored monopile seafastenings and cradles.

TWD’s approach integrates various factors, including the impact of monopile transport on the assessment of global deck strength, as well as ensuring monopile integrity, all tailored to meet your project requirements or future-proofing goals.

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Monopile Cradles

Our monopile cradles are designed with adjustability to accommodate varying monopile diameters. This adjustability is achieved through custom inlays crafted for the cradles. Our in-house class-certified friction tests enable us to optimize both the monopile cradles and the contact material, ensuring maximum efficiency. Whether you need simple fixed cradles with filler blocks or future-proof designs with adjustable diameters, TWD can meet the needs for your monopile transport.

Deck Strength Assessment

Deck strength verification is a crucial aspect of our monopile cradle and seafastening designs, whether for transportation or installation vessel. Depending on project requirements, TWD conducts deck strength verification through simplified, class-compliant checks or detailed analysis using local and global FEM deck models. These models assess the impact of cradles and monopile seafastening methods on the vessel performance and structural integrity.

Monopile Integrity

TWD can rapidly verify your foundation’s integrity during different stages from fabrication through installation:

  • Loadout
  • Storage
  • Lifting
  • Transatlantic transport (fatigue)
  • Transit to the installation site
  • Upending
  • Installation

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TWD is a renowned engineering company known for its vast expertise in monopile seafastening designs. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams excel at tackling project-specific challenges, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge solutions through a unique combination of method engineering and equipment design. 

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