Jacket Seafastening

Our tailored jacket seafastening solutions are designed to ensure safe and efficient transportation of your jackets.

At TWD, we specialize in designing bespoke solutions for your project, ensuring future adaptability when needed. With our extensive experience, we develop a wide range of jacket seafastenings following an integrated approach, considering every aspect from design to deployment.

Method Engineering

We prioritize close collaboration with our clients, offering expert guidance throughout the process. If you require assistance, we’re fully prepared to optimize your jacket seafastening operations. This involves determining the ideal number of jackets per trip and optimizing clamp usage for efficiency. Additionally, we always look for ways to streamline your operations without compromising safety, such as releasing clamps before installation. Together, we evaluate hydraulic, bolted, or alternative seafastening systems, aligning with your project’s priorities, whether it’s speed or simplicity. We also provide insights into using cones or bumpers in your seafastening design, optimizing crane time during lifting.

Deck Strength Verification

As jackets increase in size, deck strength assessments become increasingly crucial. Local deck strength checks are essential to validate the vessel’s capacity to withstand transportation and operational loads. TWD conducts thorough global vessel integrity analyses, particularly important for jackets undergoing long journeys, accounting for factors such as sagging and hogging effects. These factors influence stress levels in both the seafastening and vessel.

We are prepared to assess and address potential fatigue concerns. Our evaluation includes understanding fatigue accumulation during extended trips, offering effective risk mitigation solutions.

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In the last 15 years, we’ve proudly contributed to over 100 offshore wind farms globally. From jacket seafastening and piling template, to WTG seafastening and cable lay carousels, our multidisciplinary teams are prepared for any challenge. Whether you need custom or future-proof solutions, we’re here to help. Contact us to discover how our jacket seafastening solutions can improve your operations’ safety and cost-effectiveness. Access our Track Record for additional insights. 

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