Jacket Seafastening – Moray East OWF

To assist GeoSea with the installation of jackets for the Moray East Offshore Wind Farm, TWD designed the jacket seafastening and assessed the structural integrity of the jackets during transport.

Seafastening structures were provided to support the jackets in several stages of the project, spanning from the fabrication yard in Dubai, SPMT and inland barge transport, to port storage in the UK where they await installation. TWD also designed grillages with the purpose of them being partially re-used for the multiple voyages for each vessel.

In total 48 jackets have been transported on 3 different vessels, of which 3 are Offshore Substation Platform (OSP) jackets.

Project highlights

  • Low cost for the design of support structures
  • Low mobilization time
  • Seafastening design can be used and adapted for multiple transportation stage