Cable Installation

With our expertise in method engineering and custom equipment design for specific projects, we have assisted in a wide range of cable installation projects.

At TWD, we specialize in tailored solutions for successful offshore cable installation. We consider the cable’s integrity, its minimum bending radius, and its deployment in a controlled manner at the correct speed, integrating all these factors in our designs.

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Cable Laying and Cable Installation Equipment

With extensive experience in designing mission equipment, we have a thorough understanding of the different equipment required for cable laying and installation projects.

At TWD, we design these essential tools in-house, including, for example:

  • cable jointing spread layouts
  • cable-specific chute and tensioner designs
  • loading tower and gooseneck designs
  • seafastening of these structures

The functionalities of our designs lead to improved vessel capabilities, enable maximum deck utilization, and allow complex cable laying operations.


We offer services for both redesigning existing cable laying carousels and creating entirely new ones, which can be modular. Our process begins with conducting geometric studies, to establish the ideal number of turns, stacking height, and basket dimensions. This is done considering the cable’s total length and minimum bending radius (MBR). If the spooling procedure is not developed, we can assist in its development, designing the tools and equipment required, assuring both ends of the cable are accessible for testing. We also perform structural analyses of the following:

  • turntable
  • drive frame
  • basket frame
  • roller supports
  • rest of the equipment comprising the carousel

We will determine the slewing ring and design its connection with the basket frame. This way we ensure a stiff connection while minimizing the deformations during cable loading.

Cable Load-out

During the cable load-out, our tailored assistance ensures smooth and safe progress.

The cable load-out procedure is time-consuming and can be influenced by environmental factors such as wind and waves. Ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted operation is crucial for maintaining the cable’s integrity.

For weather-unrestricted operations, we perform dynamic marine analyses. To define the best mooring spread configuration, we examine the vessel’s translations in different contingency cases. This approach ensures smooth operations with minimal risks for the assets.

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TWD stands at the forefront of engineering excellence, with an extensive history in crafting cable installation equipment. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams excel in tackling unique market challenges, delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions. With our innovative approach, we seamlessly blend method engineering with equipment design, providing state-of-the-art solutions.

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