Cable Laying Equipment – Stemat Spirit

Designs allowing maximum deck utilization

For the installation of the infield cables at the Butendiek OWF, VBMS wanted to outfit the Stemat-Spirit vessel. They sought out TWD for assistance in finding a way to fit all the necessary project equipment on the Setmat-Spirit.

We designed a twin deck to accommodate cable armor installation and enable maximum deck utilization. A chute, together with secondary rollerways, was designed tailored to the project cable requirements. In addition, a partition ring was fitted to the carousel to accommodate maximum cable storage. TWD also developed the seafastening of all the remaining equipment, such as a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) launch and a recovery system.

Project highlights

  • First cable laying related scope of this magnitude for TWD
  • Our designs enable maximum deck utilization and allow a complex cable laying operation
  • VBMS was able to lay all in-field cables using the Stemat-Spirit