Mooring Analysis CL Atalanti – Sousakit

Marine analyses for the load-out of a 16km export cable

Asso.SubSea requested TWD to perform the quay mooring analysis for the load-out of a 16 km export cable for the Rampion OWF (UK). The cable was transported from Fulgor’s plant in Sousaki (GR) to their cable-laying vessel Atalanti. Our Marine Engineers determined the best configuration of the 6-point mooring spread and verified the capacity of the mooring lines, deck equipment, quay bollards, and anchor uplift, using the program Orcaflex. Analyses were run for weather-unrestricted operations, and the vessel translations were examined for both intact and single-line contingency cases.

Additionally, we verified the cable bending limits for the vessel position envelope, ensuring a flawless and safe operation.

Project highlights

  • Intact and single line failure analysis
  • Analyses for weather-unrestricted operations