Tailored Monopile Gripper – Innovation

Smart monopile gripper design for more efficient installation

DEME’s Innovation is a well-known Heavy Lift Jack-Up Vessel (HLJV) that is used to install monopiles. To enhance the vessel’s capabilities further, DEME asked TWD to design a tailored monopile gripper.

Our teams took the challenge and designed the innovative “Pendulum Design” monopile gripper. The gripper could hold the gripper ring suspended in tension rods. The design was remarkable as it maximized the gripper system while, at the same time, kept the overall gripper weight down. This led to an increased piling accuracy on Innovation.

In addition, we also delivered other equipment designs, such as skidding seafastening, upending tool, transition piece seafastening, and hammer seafastening. Thanks to our smart designs, Innovation was fully prepared for a smooth and efficient monopile installation.


Project highlights

  • High stiffness resulting in precise inclination adjustment
  • Highly efficient pile orientation mechanism

Tailored Monopile Gripper – Innovation

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