Spud Can Shoes for HLV Innovation

Fabrication assistance for the making of spud can shoes

To achieve stability on a wider variety of seabed soils, DEME decided to enlarge Innovation’s spud cans – the bottom of the jack-up legs and the interface with the seabed. To achieve this, add-on spud can shoes were necessary. TWD provided fabrication assistance for these new spud can shoes.

The shoes were designed by a third party and fabricated by Hillebrand. We closely collaborated with Hillebrand during the fabrication process by making fabrication drawings for the design. This resulted in four tailor-made spud can shoes and a set of 28 different module drawings. On 27 December 2016, Innovation completed its first journey, proudly wearing its tailor-made shoes.

Project highlights

  • Challenging time frame, partly parallel to the fabrication process
  • On-time delivery of all the modules and final fit-up of the shoes
  • TWD also assisted DEME in verifying the integrity of the shoes during transport

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Spud Can Shoes for HLV Innovation

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