Secondary Steel Cage Lifting Tool – Kentish Flats Extension

Quick and safe installation with cage lifting tool

The Kentish Flats Extension OWF in the United Kingdom consisted of TP-less foundations. Consequently, any secondary steel cages had to be mounted directly on the monopile. Since the precise fit of these cages would be a challenging and time-consuming offshore operation, TWD was requested to design the seafastening and custom-made lifting tool allowing to quickly and safely install the cages.

The lifting tool, which could be easily positioned on the MP flange thanks to its guides and bumpers, consisted of orientation and lowering mechanism to slide the secondary steel cage perfectly in position. As an added benefit, the cage functioned as a seafastening construction during transit.


Project highlights

  • Significantly reduced cycle time
  • Protects the monopile platform for bumping damage
  • Performed motion analysis for transport barges to determine the transport accelerations
  • Seafastening designed based on transport accelerations

Secondary Steel Cage Lifting Tool – Kentish Flats Extension

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