Salvage Operation of MV Flinterstar Freighter

Seafastening and ballast and stability analyses

TWD’s marine department contributed to the successful salvage of the second section of the sunken freighter MV Flinterstar.

Scaldis executed the salvage operation with the use of the Rambiz heavy lift vessel. Rambiz managed to lift the second wreck section mostly above water level and transport it into the port of Zeebrugge. In the meantime, heavy parts were removed and a barge was submerged underneath the section. TWD determined intact stability analysis of the transport barge and proposed a step ballast plan for the wreck placement and barge towage operation. Next to that, we designed the wreck support structures on the Ugland UR3 and UR93/94 barges.

Project highlights

  • Swift engineering support
  • Robust solutions
  • On-site assistance

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