Pre-Piling Template – Baltic II

Foundation installation pre-piling template to install 123 piles

Baltic II offshore wind farm (288 MW) brings green energy to 340.000 homes each year. The farm consisted of 39 monopiles and 41 jacket foundations. To drive the piles at the Baltic II, TWD designed a pre-piling template for the jack-up barge, Goliath. To accomplish the most efficient operation, we designed a 3-sleeve template, specifically tailored to the jacket leg distance and pin-pile diameter. This way, we made sure the template constrained the piles, minimized pile inclination, and controlled the mutual distance.

Our extensive expertise in piling methodologies resulted in an easy-to-use template leading to the most optimal foundation installation.

Project highlights

  • A triangular piling template
  • Easy-to-use lifting system and winch foundations

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