Piling and Drilling Template – Hay Point

Piling and drilling installation for the Australian jetty construction

In 2011, TWD designed a drilling and piling template for four different jack-up barges in order to install 500 piles at the Hay Point coal terminal.

Each jack-up barge was equipped with bull rails on which outriggers were installed. The outriggers were able to slide along the rails by the means of hydraulic cylinders. To achieve the most efficient pile installation, we designed a 2-layer gripper that was used on both sides of the outrigger. This resulted in a two-layer piling template capable of installing piles at various angles of inclination.

In addition, a drilling template was mounted on the outrigger to drill sockets in the rocky seabed. For this, we use an oscillator to successfully complete the drilling process

Project highlights

  • Outriggers reused during piling and drilling
  • One creative design for four jack-up barges
  • A lead time of only 3 months

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