Motion Compensated Knuckleboom Crane – Kroonborg & Kasteelborg

Safe cargo transfer with minimal footprint on the vessel

The Barge Master (BM) T40 is a motion-compensated crane pedestal for offshore knuckle boom cranes. These pedestals have been installed on the Kroonborg and Kasteelborg walk-to-work vessels that are used by Shell to service their platforms in the North Sea. We delivered the complete structural design of the BM-T40, providing smart designs for deck integration, cylinder interfaces, the crane interface, and access. Thanks to its ingenious design, the T40 system can compensate for three main degrees of freedom (heave, roll, and pitch). This way, it always eliminates the effect of the vessel movements and leads to safe means of cargo transfer.

Project highlights

  • Specifically developed for offshore cranes on supply and support vessels
  • Minimal footprint