Module Offloading Facility – Cell Wall Construction

Cell wall template position frame for BAM Clough

A new hydrocarbon plant had to be built at the northern coast of Australia to process the gas of the Ichthys field. To do this, BAM Clough JV had to construct a Module Offloading Facility (MOF) consisting of a cell wall. To assist with the construction, TWD designed a cell wall template position frame.

For this project, a template with spud legs was used, which is positioned by a Cell Wall-shaped pontoon. Since the center-to-center distance of the cell walls had to stay the same after the installation and settling, we designed a positioning frame to ensure that the manual distance stayed within the allowed range. The frame connected the existing cell wall with the front of the pontoon and had a sliding functionality to adjust the distance between the wall and the template. This brought flexibility to the project without compromising safety.


Project highlights

  • Flexible functionalities of the position frame design
  • Positioning frame uses winches to assure the correct location of the template

Module Offloading Facility – Cell Wall Construction

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