Modular Staircase – Ampelmann

Modular staircase that can be deployed on any vessel

Ampelmann is continuously deploying their A and E-type systems on different vessels. Each time, the height varies depending on the required elevation from the deck to suit the project. For all of these projects, it is required that personnel can access the Ampelmann maintenance deck and the Ampelmann transfer deck. Previously, the stairs and platforms were designed per project, leading to the structures being mostly not re-usable. Therefore, Ampelmann was searching for a more robust and flexible solution.

To provide this solution, TWD designed a modular staircase based on a ten ft. container frame, deployable on any vessel reaching up to 15 meters high. In addition, we also designed a deck interface frame to transfer the loads from the access tower to a typical 5t/m2 deck. Apart from being user-friendly, the staircase reduces costs because of its reusability on vessels.

Project highlights

  • Ease and economic mobilization
  • Fitting the stairs in the dimensions of a 10ft container frame
  • Pleasant walking route
  • High structural strength
  • The modular system allows for any configuration