Modular Lifting Frame – Happy Sky

Frame capable of lifting all shapes and sizes of modules

Jumbo BigLift Projects was contracted to ship 88 modules for the construction of a gas to liquids (GTL) plant. The modules were to be shipped in 14 shipments from South Korea and China to Lake Charles, USA. Since the logistics were not finalized, the frame had to meet strict requirements, such as being adaptable for dual lifts while narrow enough to fit in the hold of all vessels and adjustable in length to suit all the modules. In addition, it had to have a low lifting height for far-reaching single lifts.

TWD was requested to design the adaptable lifting frame that would be capable of lifting all different modules in the loading and discharge ports. Our teams designed, fabricated, tested, and delivered the frame in only six months. It was tested to its maximum capacity, both for weight and length. We also developed a calculator to be used in conjunction with the frame. This calculator could be used to verify the strength and lifting configurations for all cases, ensuring smooth logistics changes.

Project highlights

  • Six months to design, fabricate, test, and deliver the lifting frame
  • Designed in a modular way to lift all 80 modules
  • Fully assembled lifting frame weighed 215 tonnes
  • The lifting frame can be adjusted in length, and to different positions and rows of lifting points

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