Innovation – Quick Release Tower Seafastening

Tailored solution for floating feedering of WTG towers

Transporting wind turbine generator (WTG) components requires robust seafastening structures on the vessel. To overcome the challenges that come with this transport, TWD uses its extensive knowledge in seafastening to provide a tailored solution that is safer and more efficient. To do so, we came up with a concept design for a quick-release tower seafastening. The design ensures a fast uncoupling of the tower and seafastening with clamps, eliminating the need for a bolted interface between the tower and seafastening.

It also brings enhanced efficiency to floating feeder operations of WTG components. Finally, it significantly speeds up the normal jack-up-based WTG installation process, making the installation much safer by excluding any manual handling.

Project highlights

  • Quick-release of tower and seafastening
  • A solution to floating feedering operations
  • Increases on-board safety
  • Speeds up operation by excluding manual handling
  • Remote operated
  • Excludes bolted interface
  • Tailored design to suit future full towers or segments

As the global wind energy sector expands, a shortage of vessels for handling bigger monopiles is foreseen. Simply scaling up isn’t enough. Download our Whitepaper to explore how TWD tackles supply chain bottlenecks with innovative installation methods, or get our Offshore Wind Track Record to see how we have helped industry leaders succeed in their installations.