Heatshield for the Siem Helix 1

Heatshield designed and fabricated in record time

Together with Crowner’s Services, TWD contributed to the mobilization of the new-built intervention vessel Siem Helix 1. The vessel has two large flare booms situated on the poop deck. During mobilization, it was critical to ensure that the heat of the flare booms would not damage the 250 t NOV crane. Therefore, TWD analyzed the operation and designed a heat shield to be mounted onto the back of the crane. Thanks to the close cooperation between TWD, Crowner’s, Helix, and Locker (supplier of the heat shield panels) the heat shield was designed and fabricated in record time.

Project highlights

  • Heatshield with an easy to mount interface
  • Project finished within 3 weeks
  • Design of different seafastening structures on deck