Foundation Seafastening – Borkum Riffgrund II

To help Jan de Nul install 36 foundations on the Borkum Riffgrund II offshore wind farm, TWD designed the upending hinge and various seafastening structures on Jan de Nul’s jack-up vessel Vole au Vent.

The upending hinge can be retracted inboard to maneuver the vessel in the harbor safely. Four skidding tracks are placed on the deck, and a hydraulic cylinder is used to push and pull the structure across these tracks. In addition, we designed the monopile seafastening to accommodate the varying diameters of the monopile.

To complete the project quickly without compromising the quality of our solutions, we have reused some of our seafastening structures from our previous projects along with designing new ones.

Project highlights

  • Future-proof seafastening structures
  • Flexible way of working to complete the project on time

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